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Introduce Truck Tie Down Straps: Ratchet and Winch Straps

When people talk about tie down, they probably are talking about totally different things depends on the context, for instance, ratchet straps for truck are definitely 2” and 10000lbs tie down while ratchets for pick up will be 1” and 500lbs tie down, we’re only going to discuss about truck tie downs here, more precisely, we will talk about flat beds only, probably you’ve already seen them on the highway or truck stop.

So many different loads can be put on flat beds, the choice of tie downs will be really complicated, they will need quite some different tie down devices to get the job done, such as e track straps for box truck . Talking about flat bed trucks, a lot of the flatbeds come with winches installed, or you can install by yourself at a later time, then you can use winch strap to do the job without the hassle of having to tie down both ends of the ratchet straps.

For most flat bed trucks, truck winch and winch straps are what we usually use to tie down stuff, some trailers come with winches installed you only have to get winch strap. When you work with truck winches and winch straps, there is one thing you can’t live without: winch bar, these steel bars are required for your job, so get one if you don’t already have one.

If your flatbeds come with winches installed, you only need to get some winch straps for most of your work, of course you still need to keep some chains, binders and ratchet straps handy. When the flat bed have the winches installed, we can use winch tie down straps to tie down articles on the flat bed , usually we tie down steel coils, concrete pipes, skids, anything that not too heavy for the the straps’ safe load limit . Both flat hooks and wire hooks may be used on 2”, 3” and 4” winch straps, but flat hooks are more popular than wire hooks, you may see flat hooks on all size winch straps while wire hooks mostly on 2” straps. We can find 2” and 4” truck winches and 2” and 4” winch tie downs, depends on different applications , the strap length can be 20′, 25′, 27′, 30′, 35′, 40′ or more than 50′ .

And here are most used tie downs: ratchet strap. What we call ratchet straps are actually assemblies, the ratchet buckles with short straps, one foot or longer, and the long straps, 6 feet or longer.

The ratchet tie down earned it’s popularity by being the most flexible, adaptable and capable tie down devices , from sedans to commercial trucks , you can see ratchet straps anywhere cargo needs to be secured. The ratchet straps may have flat hooks, double J hooks, chain anchors, cloth loops or just plain straps at both ends, probably some special made ratchets have some other funny ends, say, D ring? And it’s width can be 1” through 4”, length can be a few inches to more than 50 feet . On commercial trucks ratchet tie downs are the most popular tie down devices for truckers , those flat bed trucks without winches installed will look at ratchet straps seriously.

Before you go out or go online to buy these tie down straps , you will have to know how to get most out of them with less spending , most important thing is the quality , probably you know local store well enough, when talking about online stores you need to find out by reading other people’s the reviews, trucking blogs, such as trucker blogs , online feed backs, or use alternate methods to decide if the products and service are good or not.

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