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What are ratchet straps and what are they made of?

The  assembly of ratchet buckle and nylon or polyester webbing is the ratchet straps. The straps part of the assemblies can be made of nylon or polyester webbing , and the working load limit can range from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds , the strap width can range from 1 inch to 4 inches , both ends can be a loop, endless, wire hook , flat hook, spring e fitting, snap hook, chain extension,or the ends can have different set up.

The handle of the ratchet buckle have a few varieties, steel handle, aluminum handle or plastic coated handle . See the picture of most popular ratchet buckle : Ratchets .

Both nylon and polyester webbing are used to make the straps, but they have different characteristics, for shock absorption, we need nylon webbing and for tie down bulk loads we need polyester webbing straps, nylon webbing has better elongation than polyester while polyester webbing are stronger than nylon ones, in real world applications we need varieties, that is to say we need both nylon and polyester webbing  straps for different needs .

Webbing cab also be coated with suitable materials that will impact desirable characteristics, such as abrasion resistance, sealing to prevent penetration of foreign particles and matter, increased(or decreased) coefficient of friction, ultra-violet light resistance .

And the quality of the straps is the critical characteristic, to use these straps properly and safely is imperative . Now we need to find low price yet high quality straps. Usually your local dealer will have quite some varieties of straps, and the quality probably is OK but the price will be somewhat high . Online tie down stores actually is a better choice if not  most of the time, you can search all around the country even the world to find the deal just for you, when you search “ratchet straps free shipping” you will find the best deal ever for your money.

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