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Winch Tie Downs and Ratchet Tie Downs

Truck tie down means a lot different things to different people, we will focus on 18 wheeler tie downs in our discussion, specifically, we are going to talk about flat bed truck this time.

Since people put all kinds of stuff on the flat bed truck, sometimes they just have to , the requirement for tie downs can be pretty complex .

Now let’s talk about winch straps and truck winches, lots of flat beds have winches installed or  .

For most flat bed trucks, truck winch and winch straps are what we need, some trailers come with winches installed you have to get winch straps .

Some flat beds come with weld on winches installed, not all flat beds have winches installed . When the trailer have the winches installed, we can use winch straps to tie down articles on the flat bed , usually we tie down steel coils, concrete pipes, skids, anything that not too heavy for the the straps’ safe load limit . Winch straps usually come with flat hooks, since we usually hook the straps on the edge of the trailer , of course the wire hook can be used too. There are 2” and 4” truck winches and 2” and 4” winch tie downs, depends on different applications , the strap length can be 20′, 25′, 27′, 30′, 35′, 40′ or more than 50′ .

And here are most popular tie downs: ratchet tie down straps .

Ratchet strap is most used tie down equipment because of their capability , you can use them almost anywhere when it’s applicable. The ending comes with quite some varieties, flat hooks, double J hooks , chain extensions, snap hooks, endless and more. And it’s width can be 1” to 4”, length can be a few inches to more than 50 feet . On 18 wheelers ratchet tie downs are the most used tie down devices for truckers , those trailers without winches installed will find ratchet straps pretty useful .

To acquire these tie down straps, you have the choice between local stores and online , depends on your available options , sometimes get them in local store is a better choice , sometimes online deals are much better.

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