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5 Ways to Advertise Your Project for free

Have you launched a super cool project and is it still unknown around the world and people do not reach you? Tutorial Blog has five interesting tips to promote our project, our newly formed company, without spending even a single dollar. A sort of “free advertising budget.”

Among those mentioned:

* Create your own website
* Join social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
* Design your own brochures and business cards presentation
* Attend local networking events
* Includes information on what you do in your signature to all e-mails

For presentation cards, I think it is very important and is something physical that serves to remind the person whom you knew, and of course it does. Not necessarily have to be an expert designers to make, especially with all the tools for that. And of course, less is more. Do not miss the “card for creating the ideal”

Participation in social networks is very important, especially because not only it is a quick way to communicate with people, but we may have more contacts and a much more direct communication.

You can see the point in detail in Tutorial Blog:

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Reduce consumption of RAM to use Firefox cache

* Type “about:config” in the browser bar
* Search browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewer
* Set the value to 0

What we are changing here, as per the Firefox Knowledgebase is that we are reducing the number of pages stored in your Firefox cache. That is the number of pages that are stored in memory so that when you click on the “Back” button, there is a least delay in the loading time of the page.

Setting the value to 0, helps to recover the RAM, because Firefox does not save pages in the cache, but if you decide to go back then it will force the browser to reload the page completely.

You can experiment with different settings (the default is -1, which calculates the number of cached pages, according to available RAM).

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